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Neato Introduces the Most Personalized Clean Yet with On-Demand Zone Cleaning for the Flagship Botvac D7™ Connected

Neato’s most advanced robot vacuum now offers the ability to create customizable zones to pinpoint trouble spots, putting full control in user’s hands.

Newark, Calif., December 4, 2018 – Neato Robotics, a leader in intelligent robots for the home, today announces the availability of Neato Zone Cleaning for the flagship Botvac D7 Connected and No-Go Lines feature for Botvac D3 Connected.

At Neato, we know that our consumers have cleaning needs that go beyond just a day to day cleaning routine. Neato Zone Cleaning puts full control in the user’s hands, making it easy to designate and clean specific rooms or areas of the home, such as an entryway or breakfast nook. This update means consumers can clean on demand or schedule Neato to work in addition to its regular household routine, for areas that may need more attention.

All Neato products include LaserSmart™ mapping and navigation. Using LIDAR technology, Neato scans and maps your rooms and plans the most efficient course to clean. The Botvac D7 Connected builds on this persistent mapping with zone cleaning. Simple and intuitive to use, this new software will improve consumers lives, by offering tremendous flexibility to create the targeted zones you want. This is even more specific than just rooms, so you can match the exact areas that need cleaning – and they will be saved within your floorplan for future use.

Following a software update, users only need to create a floorplan, draw and label zones. Then selecting the zone they wish to clean, whether that’s the kitchen or bedroom, run your Botvac D7 for the most personalized clean yet.

With Zone Cleaning, users can:

  • Create zones on your floor that make the most sense for your life, be it an entire room or just a trouble area.
  • Name zones using a list of pre-determined labels or create custom zone names.
  • Make multiple, overlapping zones in a single floorplan. Zones can be placed in any way that works for your lifestyle and your home.
  • Add No-Go Lines to any zone, creating off-limits areas in any area or room of your home
  • Deploy Zone Cleaning across multiple floorplans, pinpointing zones for a more efficient clean, controlled on-demand or scheduled via the Neato app.

Neato CEO Matt Petersen, comments, “Our customers love the Neato Botvac Connected product line because the robots logically and efficiently clean a room, eliminating the guess work of which areas it reached by providing a cleaning map. With the addition of Zone Cleaning for D7, we are giving you even more control, letting you identify those high-trafficked spots you want cleaned on their own. This continues our promise to make your robot smarter and more helpful through feature upgrades via simple software updates.”

Since 2005, Neato has led innovation in robot vacuums, introducing laser navigation, the D-shape design, WIFI connectivity and voice assistant support, among other firsts. Zone Cleaning continues this tradition of consumer-focused innovation by giving customers more control over when and how Neato will clean their homes.

All Neato robots are also compatible with Amazon Echo, Google Home, and Apple Watch.

Availability and Pricing
The Neato Zone Cleaning feature is available to all new and existing Botvac D7 Connected robots. The rollout begins today via a software update on Neato app version 2.8.0 and robot software version 4.3.1. Botvac D7 Connected is listed at a suggested retail price point of 799 USD / 8999 SEK / 899 EURO/ 799 GBP and available both online and in retail partners in North America and Europe.

The wider Neato product portfolio is also available online and in retail partners. Visit to find out more.

About Neato
Neato Robotics designs intelligent robots for the home to improve people’s lives and solve real problems. Neato is committed to improving and adding features, ensuring that robots evolve and adapt with the consumer, creating a truly personalized cleaning experience. Neato drives innovation with intelligent laser navigation, mapping, smart home connectivity, and superior cleaning technologies. Neato was awarded the ‘Best Smart Home & Appliances’ for its Botvac D7 Connected at IFA 2017 in Berlin. For more information, visit:

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