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Neato Robotics Research Reveals How Men and Women Differ When it Comes to House Cleaning Chores

Are Men Really From Mars and Women From Venus When it Comes to House Cleaning?

Newark, CA—April 22, 2013—When it comes to a clean home, men and women may have different definitions of cleanliness but they do agree on one thing: they both dislike cleaning floors according to research from Neato Robotics®, a Silicon Valley company that designs and builds smart home robots that free people from household chores.  The study also revealed other differences and similarities between the genders when it comes to how clean a home is and how often it should be cleaned. See an infographic with highlights from the study here:

“It’s not a ‘Mad Men’ world anymore where just women are responsible for the cleaning,” says Nancy Nunziati, vice president of marketing of Neato Robotics.  “Our research clearly shows that both men and women are involved in cleaning — they just have different perceptions and aspirations about what defines a clean home.”

Neato commissioned a consumer study in the fall of 2012 to uncover insights into home cleaning, asking respondents questions ranging from how clean they thought their homes were, to which tasks were the most important to make a home clean, to how often they should vacuum. The survey revealed the difference between men and women when it comes to a clean home:

  • On a scale of 1-10, women rate their homes at around 6 on the “clean scale,” while men are around 7
  • On average, women vacuum more than once every 3 days while men vacuum every 5 days
  • Nearly half of the women wish they could vacuum their homes every day
  • Men and women agree that a clean floor is second only to a clean kitchen when it comes to what people do to create a clean home
  • More than 70% of both men and women disliked cleaning floors

“We found that women have slightly higher standards than men, especially when it comes to vacuuming,” noted Nunziati. “Not only do they aspire to have their floors cleaned more often, they care about the details. For example, more than 75% thought straight lines in a carpet were a key indicator of whether or not a home is clean.”

The desire to have clean floors and not having the time or the interest in vacuuming often is no longer a problem.  The solution is here: Neato Robotics vacuums, which can be set to clean a house automatically on a daily basis.

Neato Robotics offers an array of the smartest, most powerful robot vacuums on the market including their award-winning XV series and the newly announced XV Signature series. For information on Neato products and where to buy them, check out the Neato Robotics website.

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