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Neato Self-Driven Robot vs. Cat-Driven Robot Vacuum

Cat-driven and operated vacuums are a thing of the past. Self-driving robot vacuums are here to stay. Neato Botvac™ Connected is the most advanced self-driving robot vacuum. It requires 100% fewer cats to operate and is 100% cooler.
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8 Technologies to Make Your Life Easier

Move over George Jetson. The 21st century is here, and the name of the game is “automation”. While most of yesteryear’s futurists were busy predicting flying cars (we’re still waiting), modern scientists of all stripes were getting busy figuring out how to make more practical technology a reality. Thus, home automation was born. By combining some new tech with some older methods, home automation methods are making lives easier in almost every way imaginable. Better still: they’re getting less expensive and smarter every year. Read more >

The Essential Apartment and Roommate Cleaning Schedule

Creating a roommate cleaning schedule for your apartment may seem like a simple task. However, it takes strategic thinking and careful communication to approach your roommates about establishing a precise cleaning routine and having regular cleaning habits. But before you all speak together, find out what you’ll need to include in a fool-proof apartment chore plan. Read more >

The Ultimate Guide to Cleaning Your Room

Admit it. As we speak, most of your house looks like it could be in a Southern Living magazine. But your room? It’s a mess. A frightening scene of clean and dirty laundry strewn about, wrappers as far as the eye can see, used cups that have yet to be returned to the kitchen and dust, dust galore! It’s an understandable situation to be in. Your bedroom is your personal space. It gets lived in. It’s hard to keep it clean, and really, why should you? Get that thought out of your head right now. That’s exactly the reason it isn’t clean! Read more >

Our Favorite Homemade Bathroom Cleaners

Think you have to use strong scents, and chemicals to get your bathroom clean? Think again! There is a better way. We’re all about making cleaning easy, affordable and chemical-free, that’s why we’re sharing our favorite homemade bathroom cleaning recipes. We promise that you can make your bathroom sparkle, shine and smell fantastic without harsh chemicals! Whether you want to see your reflection in those shower tiles or need something powerful to take on the dreaded toilet, we’ve got you covered with these amazing homemade bathroom cleaners. Read more >

Cleaning Schedules and Checklists for Every Home

Whether it’s because the toddler’s toys are strewn everywhere, your teenagers have left messes in their wake, or because of your spouse’s irrepressible habit of leaving things around the house, clutter and mess seem to increase all the time. Sometimes you feel as if you could probably clean all day and not really get to everything. And then there are those friends of yours. You know the ones. Their houses always seem to be spotless and you haven’t seen even the hint of stress lines on their faces. Are they hiring a maid? Do they have Mary Poppins-like magic? The truth is, they’re not spending extra money on cleaning and they don’t have special powers. They simply found order amidst the chaos. And you can too. Read more >

Holiday Tech Gift Guide

Holiday Tech Gift Guide
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15 Cleaning Hacks to Make Housework a Breeze

With dirty dishes in the sink, soap scum in the shower, and dirty clothes on the floor, the house chores may seem endless. No matter how many times you scrub those dirty pans, they still have that oily residue and stained bottom. Since we know a thing or two about making cleaning easier and smarter, we put together a list of 15 cleaning hacks that will save you time and a lot of elbow grease. Read more >

Neato Engineers Love a Challenge

We’re pretty proud of our engineering team here at Neato, but not only because they are designing the most intelligent robot vacuums on the planet.  Their engineering chops are currently on display for the world to see as they compete in several national robotic competitions with robots they’ve made at nights and on weekends. Read more >

How to Remove Pet Hair from Every Surface

We all love our furry companions but what we definitely do not love is the massive accumulation of fur that always appears no matter how much you beg your loyal pets to, please just this once, not to shed all over your things.  Although no two shedders are created equally we know it’s never a good experience to find fur around the home. Read more >